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This New Fund Was Created To Support Black Trans Youth Social Justice Leaders

December 1, 2021

Black trans social justice leaders have always been changemakers. Unfortunately, they haven’t received the support they deserve when moving the needle on issues that matter.

This is something that Grantmakers for Girls of Color is aiming to change. They’ve recently partnered with the Groundswell Fund and the Black Trans Fund to launch Holding a Sister Initiative, the first-ever national fund explicitly dedicated to trans girls and gender-expansive youth of color.

“History has shown that trans girls of color are catalysts for health equity as well as racial and social justice,” Dr. Monique Morris said in a release. “They deserve to be heard, to have joy, to be safe and free, and to grow up healthy and thrive without fear. It is our duty to love, support, and resource the youngest of those who are most overlooked and have the least support.”