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Our G4GC Values

Our team embodies our shared values of accountability, urgency, transformation, inclusivity, authenticity, and love.


We are bold, unapologetic, clear and explicit in our messaging and action.


We seek to break molds and redefine or completely transform structures, systems, and mindsets.


Everything we do, how we do it, and who we do it for is grounded in the aspirations, dreams, and demands of girls and gender-expansive youth of Color, as directly articulated by our constituency.


We are a place of belonging, collaboration, and collective learning.


We are goal-oriented, disciplined, and focused on achieving measurable change with, and on behalf of, girls and gender-expansive youth of Color. We do our work and advance our agenda with a sense of urgency and expedience.

Motivated by Love

We transform through the exercised power of love and healing. We center the well-being of ourselves, our colleagues, and our partners in the work, and create safe spaces for healing, growth, and evolution.

Freedom and Creativity

We are nontraditional in our approach, unafraid of being different, and excited by the possibilities of what hasn’t existed before.