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Nahr Suha

Holding a Sister Initiative Fund Manager

Nahr Suha (they/she) is a Black environmentalist, urban farmer & advocate for trans & gender-expansive youth.

Prior to joining G4GC, they worked as a restoration ecologist and a community farmer. Nahr has spent over five years growing food in underserved communities in Chicago and Seattle.

After moving to the United States at the age of seventeen they quickly found community within the food sovereignty movement. It became their pantry, support system, classroom and family. Nahr believes that creating direct pathways to access healthy and nurturing food is a human right and an act of resistance.

Nahr hopes to inspire others with their love for the natural world, especially for trans and gender-expansive youth whose insights, experiences, and voices are necessary for our collective liberated future. In their work, Nahr has taken opportunities to share knowledge and uplift youth in outdoor settings while growing food, learning new technical skills, meditating, and facilitating discussions about the importance of environmental health and its connection to human and community well-being.

Nahr is of Afro-Arabian descent and was raised in The Arabian Gulf in Southwest Asia. She now resides in the Pacific Northwest on unceded traditional lands of the Duwamish and Coast Salish tribes.

They enjoy spending their time outdoors, moving their body, sunbathing, and being playful and curious with nature. They also love reading Black science fiction and playing video games.