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Dominique Couvson

Manager, Office of the President, and Technology Operations

Dominique Couvson is the Manager, Technical Support, Special Projects, and Office of the President at Grantmakers for Girls of Color. She brings over 23 years of administrative experience to the position with expertise in administrative operations and information technology in legal, healthcare, and business sectors.

Prior to joining Grantmakers for Girls of Color, Dominique worked in Healthcare Technology, Healthcare Insurance, Risk Management, and Healthcare Administration. There, she was responsible for working with and training physicians, clinicians, students and other staff members on all departmental electronic health record (EHR) system practices, procedures and implementation. She also was responsible for the hospital suspension implementation to ensure accurately transcribed documentation completion and submission for operational distribution. She managed all processes for the release of health information (ROI) across computerized systems, and the secure exchange of health information between consumers, providers, legal systems, coders, payers and quality monitors.

Dominique is continuing her Social Work studies at Umass Global, Formerly Brandman University, and is committed to ultimately sharing her passion for making a positive and lasting impact on the safety and overall well-being of traumatized individuals. With a special interest in mental health, human sex trafficking, and healing practices, she intends to use her passion to aid in the recovery and awareness of social traumatic incidents, as well as to utilize this training within her work through philanthropic advances.

Dominique is of African-American descent and was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the traditional territory of the Muwekma, Ohlone, and Ramaytush people. She now resides in Los Angeles, where she raises her children on the traditional land of the Chumash, Fernandeno Tataviam, Kizh, and Tongva people.