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Bloomberg TV Black in Focus: Holding a Sister

Nov 11, 2021

Centering and supporting trans girls of color

November 11, 2021

To celebrate the launch of our grantmaking partnership, the Holding a Sister Initiative, Dr. Monique W. Morris, President and CEO of Grantmakers for Girls of Color and Bré Rivera, Program Officer at Black Trans Fund joined Karen Toulon on Bloomberg Equality’s “Black in Focus” show.

“We are joining a community that has been looking at how to better resource the needs in communities of color—The Third Wave Fund, the Black Trans Fund and the Fund for Trans Generations,” Dr. Monique W. Morris said.

“We have done a disservice to our young folks in not believing them, supporting them and actually giving them the resources to transform the world. And so this partnership not only ensures that young people and girls of color are seen and could move the way they need to in the world in order to be their true full selves,”  Bré Rivera said.

Watch the recording of the interview to learn more about this exciting initiative.