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Learn More About Our 2023 HASI Youth Cohort and the Camp for Trans Youth of Color
First published: May 23, 2023

G4GC’s Holding A Sister Initiative (HASI) is offering an opportunity for six (6) trans youth of Color (ages 18-25) to join our HASI Youth Cohort and participate in Transformation’s Liberation Camp, with stipend and expenses paid, on September 27-October 1. HASI Cohort participants will meet virtually before and after the camp to build community, expand their leadership skills, and envision a bountiful future for TQLGB+ youth of Color.

Read below for frequently asked questions about the HASI youth cohort and how to apply by June 30, 2023

What is the HASI youth cohort at the Liberation Camp?

The Holding a Sister Initiative (HASI), an initiative of Grantmakers for Girls of Color and the Black Trans Fund,  is offering the opportunity to attend the Liberation Camp to a cohort of 6 young TGNC folks (ages 18-25) to build community and expand upon their own leadership. HASI is explicitly dedicated to mobilizing financial and other resources in support of TGNC youth of Color. 

As a member of HASI’s first youth cohort, you would be working together with HASI fund manager, Nahr Suha, other members of the G4GC team, and our grantee community to envision a bountiful future for TQLGB+ folks of Color. That vision will ultimately inform the strategy for HASI. 

In addition to participating in the Liberation Camp, the HASI cohort will meet monthly from July to November in virtual gatherings (depending on participants’ availability). The topics for the virtual gathering can include: deepening our gender analysis and how we define “gender expansive”, discussing the ways TGNC youth want to be involved in resource distribution in trans and queer communities of Color, sharing liberation strategies to affect change within your local community, and deepening our access to healing as individuals and as a community.

What is the Transformations Liberation Camp?

Transformations is an organization led by trans women of Color, focused on capacity building and leadership development among trans communities of Color in the Midwest region. Their Liberation Camp is an inter-generational retreat created by and for trans and queer folks of Color. It will be hosted in a beautiful, private and secluded retreat space near Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the Ozarks.

Who should apply to this opportunity?

We invite trans youth of Color who reside in the U.S. or U.S. territories to apply for this opportunity! We encourage youth who are currently involved with G4GC grantee programs as well as those who are not! The demographics and experiences of young people we invite  in the Cohort include:

  • Trans girls and femmes of Color,
  • Gender-expansive/gender non-conforming young people of Color,
  • TGNC masc young people of Color,
  • Come from diverse faith practices/ethnic backgrounds
  • Have diversity of experience, and/or have an interest to participate in social justice work 
  • Reside in the United States or U.S. Territories (especially those that currently have anti-trans legislation).
  • Ages for youth participants are 18-25, with some flexibility if applicants are older than 25! 

How do I apply and what is the deadline?

We invite interested youth to apply to the 2023 HASI Youth Cohort by filling out  this survey. The applications are due by June 30, 2023.

What are the next steps after I submit the application?

Someone at HASI will schedule a call with applicants in early July, and notify all applicants by the end of July of their application status. Programming will begin after the cohort is formed, by the end of July or August, depending on applicants’ availability.

How much is the stipend that participants will receive?

Individuals selected to participate in the youth cohort will receive a full stipend of $1,000 for their participation which will be sent out after the completion of the program. In addition, all Liberation Camp participants will receive $500 from Transformations.

  • NOTE:  stipend at this amount will be taxed, so you will not take home the full $1,000. In order to be paid, participants will need to fill out and send us a w-9 form. We can support participants with this process.

How will selected participants get to the Liberation Camp?

Transportation-related expenses to and from the Liberation Camp, including airline tickets, will be covered by G4GC’s Holding a Sister Initiative for selected 2023 HASI Youth Cohort participants.

What if I have an unstable internet connection in my home?

Let us know! G4GC will gladly look into supporting ways you can access the Internet. 

What if I have other questions?

Reach out to HASI Fund Manager Nahr Suha at: [email protected].